Polis Chrysochous Town Hall

Book your wedding day in Polis Chrysochous Town Hall Book your wedding day in Polis Chrysochous Town Hall
Book your wedding day in Polis Chrysochous Town Hall Book your wedding day in Polis Chrysochous Town Hall

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Enjoy the most beautiful day of your life in the area of Polis, the place where Aphrodite-the Goddess of love and beauty used to meet Adonis, her lover, where natural beauty is exceptional, w here myths and legends are still alive.  

The smell of jasmine fills the air and the night cricket's song accompanies the clinking of champagne glasses. Plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, book the town hall or a chapel for your vows. Drink a toast to your future with one of the oldest wines in the world, part of a 4,000 year old tradition of wine making on the island. Impress your guests with a lavish banquet of local dishes or international cuisine.

Polis, provides the perfect backdrop whether you’re committing for a lifetime or reaffirming your love. With its breathtaking sunsets, natural wilderness, sparkling blue seas and some of the most beautiful locations, Polis is sure to put a sizzle into your love life. 

Ceremony venue


This indoor area is full of light and the view combines the Akamas mountains, the sea and a green grassy plain. 

Total charge: €281,92 (working hours) and €451.92  (non-working hours). 


Ayios Andronikos park takes its name from the Saint Andronikos Church located within the park. This beautiful, small 15th century church, has recently restored its frescoes. The Agios Andronikos Church was utilized as a mosque during the Ottoman rule. Since 1960, when Cyprus became independent, it has been reconverted to a church. Couples are married with a green and pink background from the trees and the bougainvilleas that surround the gazebo.

Total charge: €281,92 (working hours) and €451.92  (non-working hours). 


One of the new ceremony venues of Polis Chrysochous is the deck at the port of Latsi. Latsi or Latchi with its coastal paved walking path, is a small picturesque harbour at the North West of the region of Pafos, known throughout Cyprus for its fresh fish. The couples can enjoy a 360° view of the sea, the charming little restaurants and the pretty colourful boats. 

Total charge:   €623.64 


A beautifuld venue, located near the Akamas peninsula and the Baths of Aphrodite. The ceremony venue overlooks the Mediterranean sea and it gives the impression of taken out of a fairy tale!

Total charge:   €623.64 


Right in the middle of the natural reserve of Akamas, are the Baths of Aphrodite; the place where the goddess of love used to meet Adonis, the god of beauty and desire. The venue is a small amphitheatre surrounded by Cyprus flora and a sea view.

 Total charge:   €623.64 


In an area called the Limni Mines there is a lovely beach with a dock where a ceramony can take place either on the beach or on the dock. The vast blue of the sea and the sky will make the perfect backdrop for your special day. 

Total charge:   €623.64 


Weddings can also take place at the hotels around the area of Polis and the surrounding villages. The hotels provide decorated wedding venues overlooking the sea, the Akamas peninsula and Cyprus picturesque sceneries.

Total charge:   €623.64 

Important notes

Please note that any decoration seen on the photos is not included. 

For any information regarding paperwork on civil weddings at the Polis Chrysochous Town Hall, please visit

Banqueting venue

As the Town Hall does not offer banqueting, your travel agent or the wedding coordinator of your hotel can arrange for your wedding reception to take place at one of the amazing restaurants in the area, or at your hotel premises. 

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