The Beauty of Destination Weddings

For those who are not familiar with the term, ‘Destination Weddings’ refer to weddings that are celebrated in a country other than the home country of either the bride or the groom. So, not only does the couple travel abroad, but in most cases also several members of their families as well as an inner circle of friends.


Why would a couple want to get married abroad?

Given that every year thousands of couples from the UK alone choose to tie the knot overseas, they must have a good reason to do so. In fact, there are a number of compelling reasons, and most of them apply to wedding couples not just from the UK, but from all over the world. Let’s have a look at the most common reasons we have heard from many couples:


“We wanted to have a really special wedding.”

And ‘really special’ is, to a great extent, defined as something that is different, that goes beyond the ordinary or the familiar. And what could be more unique than a beautiful setting in a completely different country?


“We wanted something ultra-romantic...”

Could there be anything more romantic than an island with sandy beaches along aquamarine waters? Can any music beat the sound of gentle waves and birdsong?


“We wanted a wedding outdoors under sunny skies.”

It is a fact that destination weddings are particularly popular among couples living in countries where the weather is either cold or unpredictable, or both. That makes outdoor weddings risky; Plan B is an absolute necessity and often a headache. By contrast, a wedding in a warmer climate with a reliable dry season is the simple and perfect solution.


“We wanted a more intimate wedding with only our closest friends and family.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide who should or shouldn’t be invited; drawing the line almost always raises doubts, questions and even some eyebrows... A destination wedding narrows down the guest list naturally. It also gives the couple and their close friends and family an extended period of relaxation together, both before and after the wedding itself.


“We wanted a seaside honeymoon, but didn’t want the hassle of travelling the day after the wedding.”

Wedding venue and honeymoon destination in one is simply an irresistible concept. For couples in Europe, the Mediterranean islands are the closest and most feasible choice for the couple as well as their guests, who are often delighted to combine an enchanting wedding with a beach holiday.


“We were surprised to discover some amazing value-for-money options.”

So you have a unique setting, in a romantic location, where you can be pretty sure it won’t rain, you can exchange vows along the water and dine under starry skies, spend time with your nearest and dearest, wake up the next morning at your honeymoon destination… and it doesn’t cost the world?

That’s right. You’ll find that your budget will often reach much further than you expected, with accommodation, banqueting, flowers, photography, music and transportation at reasonable prices. Travel costs? It’s your wedding and honeymoon at one place, and a great holiday for your guests at the same time.


So, are you ready to start browsing our destinations?