Polis - Latchi Harbour Venue

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Polis' harbour, Latsi, is a great place to stop for a stroll or for a hearty meal of fresh fish. Sit down at one of the tavernas along the harbour and enjoy the best fish on the island, mesmerised by the rocking boats in the water, or watch while the fishermen unload their catch and people embark or disembark from boat trips along the coast to the Akamas.

Once a small fishing shelter, from where carobs were exported, the harbour has now been expanded and deepened to become a marina, though still retaining its original charm. You can still see the warehouses where the carobs were stored which have now been converted into restaurants and cafes. Latsi has become a favourite stopover for yachts travelling from the Greek islands and nearby countries. Small supermarkets and specialty shops allow visitors to stock up with all kinds of goods. Just before the harbour, you can find Polis municipal beach, a Blue Flag beach with facilities for swimmers such as deckchairs, umbrellas, and a bar with food and drinks. There are also facilities for the disabled.

Ceremony venue


Experience a nautical wedding, surrounded by small fishermen's boats, the blue of the Mediterranean sea and the bright light of the sun! This is definitely one of the most beautiful venues, and a lovely background for your photos. Picture the groom admiring his bride walking down the aisle on the Latchi paved dock and thinking of their future life and plans! A dream wedding!


Banqueting venue

As the venue does not offer banqueting, your travel agent or the wedding coordinator of your hotel can arrange for your wedding reception to take place at one of the amazing restaurants in the area, or at your hotel premises. 

How are venue fees settled when booking via

  • If your travel agent makes the booking, the venue fee may be included in your package.
  • If you book online yourself, contact the hotel/venue as soon as you receive your booking confirmation to settle the required venue fee.