Tie The Knot in Paphos

An exquisite destination for your wedding is Paphos. This sunny and full of loving energy place attracts thousands of wedding couples and honeymooners for plenty of reasons. We will discuss all the reasons for getting married in this utterly opulent location in Cyprus. Use the below information to find the ideal wedding venue and book your desired wedding date with

Why Paphos?
Paphos is a region of Cyprus at the South West part of the island. It is a magical place to visit and a very appropriate destination for a wedding. To begin with, it is considered the birthplace of  Goddess Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love and Beauty,  emerged from the sea and will be blessing your wedding here. Also, Paphos is a location with endless choices and it covers all tastes and styles. It is a popular city with a lot to offer to couples who tie the knot here and continue with their honeymoon.
For that matter the Cypriots, have constructed a beautiful airport that receives flights from the UK and other European cities, covering all the needs of an international traveler. However, you can also reach Paphos, by sea or by bus, depending where you are coming from. 
Stroll around, shop and enjoy bars, restaurants, cultural centers and archaeological sites. Note that almost all of the Paphos’ coastline is Blue Flagged and the waters are crystal clear. The beaches around the town are plenty, very accessible,  and the majority of hotels and resorts are only a breath away from the sea.  

2. What to do in Paphos?
There is variety of choices and things to do in Paphos, even for the most demanding travelers. Start exploring the town by visiting the great Archaeological Park, situated by the harbour of Paphos. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site constituted of a number of establishments, preserved in time and restored by archaeologists. The park provides you with a complete image of monuments from prehistoric times to the Roman period and the Middle Ages. The almost perfectly preserved mosaics of the four villas, take your breath away with the fine art they present. More findings are coming to light as the site is still under excavation. 
More cultural attractions are the Medieval Castle of Paphos, the Tombs of the Kings, the Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitisa church, St Paul’s Pillar and many more which you will find around the city. The amazing Akamas Peninsula, Aphrodite's Rock and Adonis Baths Waterfalls are the must-visit natural attractions. Akamas Peninsula National Park is a real gem, with 230 square kilometres of endless natural beauty, golden beaches and majestic fauna. This place is included in the Mediterranean Protection Programme by the European Council. Next, you should visit Aphrodite’s Rock, also known as Petra tou Romiou,  which is on your way from Paphos to Limassol. According to the legends it is the exact birthplace of the Goddess of Beauty and Love. It is said that around the giant rock, that dominates the sea, white foam appeared and Aphrodite rose and was born intο the world. Her name in Greek (Αφρός + δύομαι = Αφροδίτη) means exactly that, Aphro (=foam) + dite (=rose from the sea). 
Adonis, who was Aphrodite’s great love, met with her by the waterfalls which today are located in Kili Paphos and are named Adonis Baths Waterfalls.  Experience a refreshing swim under the waterfalls, walk around the forest that surrounds it and explore the natural landscape as on the warm days of Cyprus this is an ideal place to cool down. 
Another attraction in Paphos is the Paphos Zoo. At the zoo, you will encounter 1.200 animals from 210 species from all over the world. The zoo takes the safety and well being of the animals seriously and an Animal Clinic and nursery are operating to give the animals protection and support. Restaurants, museums and shops operate on site so you can experience a beautiful full day experience. 
Last but not least, we should note that Paphos is packed with bars, restaurants and cafes from the beaches to the city center and you will definitely find  what you need. Traditional taverns and modern restaurants cover all tastes and budgets. Bars, clubs and cafes will keep you entertained as they operate with a high level of services and infrastructures.

3. Where to get married in Paphos?
The beautiful thing about Paphos is that its diversity offers you endless choices in wedding venues and locations. It all depends on your needs and desires. 
First, you have to consider the budget available. There are plenty of wedding venues for a small budget as well as for a generous pocket. You can find very affordable packages for your wedding ceremony, reception and stay. Visit and consult with your travel agent and wedding planner.
Next, design your wedding style. Ask yourself whether you would like to get married barefoot on a beach or something more luxurious. Do you prefer a traditional and natural setting or a modern, minimalistic option? It all comes down to how you want to experience your wedding day abroad and what represents you. 
Also,  think of your wedding party. How many guests are you hosting and what type of guests are coming. If you desire a more private ceremony and reception, book a smaller venue but if you are bringing along a lot of people, a larger venue is more suitable. You should plan your wedding according to the type of guests too. When you are travelling with children, it's best to book a venue, where the little fellas can play, run around and entertain themselves without being bored. If elderly people are coming along, look for a venue easily accessible to them with appropriate sitting, so they can rest when they get tired. 
Another point to ponder upon, is how long you are staying before and after the wedding. It is advisable to book a ceremony and a reception at a resort, a hotel or a venue near the place you are staying at or even the exact same location, for a better price package and more comfort in transfer. Paphos is an ideal destination for a honeymoon, therefore you can combine it with your wedding. 

4. When to get married in Paphos?
Cyprus is an island that enjoys over 300 days of sunshine, so the best period to get married is when your preferred date is matched with the venue’s availability. Once you have settled on the wedding style and have a few venues noted down, start looking for dates. The real-time availability system of gives you the possibility to know if your desired wedding date is free, and if it is not then the system offers the next available date to book. It is all happening with just a few clicks and you are minutes away from a booked wedding date and ceremony venue. Once again, a wedding in Paphos has hardly any restrictions regarding the appropriate period to get married. 

5. How to get married in Paphos? offers you a complete list of wedding venues, hotels, resorts, outdoor parks and yachts to book your wedding day. Depending on the season you wish to get married and the aforementioned factors, you will find the ideal wedding venue for you. Keep in mind, that by using, you can receive advice on your queries from the 24/7 chat support service and book your wedding venue with immediate confirmation. So, once you have settled, you can book your wedding ceremony and visit your wedding planner and travel agent to arrange the rest of the details.

To sum it all up, Paphos makes for a perfect wedding and honeymoon destination. Make a list with the ideas and inspirations you have and use the appropriate tools and professionals to plan your dream wedding abroad. Go to for research, inspiration, to find and book your wedding venue. Next, visit the wedding planner and travel agent to organize all necessary arrangements and voila, you are getting married in Paphos

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