The 5 stages of a wedding abroad

Ιf you are considering getting married away from home, these lines were written for you!

Before you start planning and organizing bits and pieces here and there, the one thing you have to bear in mind at all times is that a destination wedding is actually a wedding and a honeymoon abroad – all in one! So all your wedding preparations are made within the context of a trip, ie in combination with travel arrangements.What are the most essential arrangements for any trip? Setting the travel dates and finding accommodation. And the first decisions you have to make regarding your wedding abroad are exactly the same: when and where. There are all sorts of other arrangements you will have to make before you can actually say “I do”, but the ‘booking’ part is the most important and needs attention. 

We’ve broken down the whole wonderful experience of a wedding abroad into 5 stages, and will explain how can make it all that much easier and quicker.

Stage 1 : Dreaming

A wedding completes the relationship. Quite often, couples dream of a wedding abroad long before they are actually ready to follow through. You might even start thinking of the destination, the venue, the travel logistics, the guests, and your favourite theme. Details that comes to mind trigger endless google searches, enriching your fantasy. You begin to visualize the occasion, with social media enhancing and feeding your imagination. In particular, the experience of other couples – which is shared enthusiastically on various social media platforms – inspires you and shapes your dream.

Stage 2: Planning

Gradually, the endless options and ideas fall into place – with the best making it to your shortlist. Preferred destination? Check. Travel documents? Valid. Paperwork? Understood. The hunt for the perfect wedding dress is underway, and the guest list is in the making. All other tasks are prioritized, shared and delegated. The experiences of other couples are taken into consideration and the checklist becomes sacred.

Stage 3: Booking

As mentioned earlier, the most important stage is booking the actual wedding abroad. This has to be finalized and confirmed, as all other details revolve around the date and the wedding ceremony venue. Wouldn’t it be great if the booking process could be completed instantly? Of course it would! And that’s exactly what offers you. provides real-time availability check of wedding venues and resorts, and gives instant confirmation, as soon as you make your booking. It’s all at your fingertips: Choose your preferred date and venue for the wedding ceremony; book them online; check your email inbox for confirmation; done.

By using the platform, you can finalize when and where you are getting married, in mere seconds. With a confirmed date in hand, you can then go to the travel agent to book the tickets and the desired resort accommodation. Your wedding planner has all the time in the world to plan the event properly. In addition, all your guests will be informed well in advance, so they too can make their travel arrangements. Your guests will be going out of their way to attend your wedding abroad, so giving them early notice of your wedding date and venue is a wonderful way for expressing your appreciation.

Without, the confirmation process alone can easily take 6 to 8 weeks (via conventional correspondence). This causes unnecessary pressure, or could even make it impossible for some of your nearest and dearest to attend due to short notice.

Stage 4: Experiencing

The time has come: You have arrived at your chosen destination, and you can hardly believe it’s all happening. After visualizing, researching, planning and booking in good time, the dream is becoming a reality.

Every moment is pure magic. In the company of the sea breeze, you exchange vows of eternal love and share unique moments by the sea, dancing and drinking on the sugary sand. Memories of summer sunsets and sweet evenings will be engraved in your heart and mind forever. It’s an amazing experience… just as you hoped it would be.

Stage 5: Sharing

With social media in your hands, you can now share the experience, as you post heart-warming photos of your romantic destination wedding in the sun. Tag and mention your family and friends. Include them all in those wonderful memories and thank them for sharing your big day.

The stages from dreaming of a wedding abroad to sharing the experience with the world are all special and exciting, and the transition from one to the other is smooth, when you have the right tools in your hands.

Travelling and getting married abroad is great fun and can be utterly romantic; but if the requirements and procedures are not fully understood, it could lead to a fair amount of stress. is a simple, user-friendly tool for everyone, designed and created to eliminate the pressure, hassles and delays of booking overseas wedding venues and dates. Just like you would book your travel tickets or your hotel accommodation online and receive instant confirmation,  you can now do the same for your overseas wedding ceremony. Going through the 5 stages of a wedding abroad is a unique experience that will make your celebration of love truly unforgettable.

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