Destination Weddings: from dreams to reality

Dreams can, and do, come true – usually with a little help from your friends! If you are a newly engaged bride-to-be that has recently said “I do!”, you’re all set to start planning the big day. Your heart is filled with excitement and your mind is already spinning with ideas. But there is one thing you and your partner for life have already agreed on: you both want a destination wedding – a romantic escape that will make this day truly special. The question is, where? And when? It’s definitely time to make these decisions. In fact, you’re already racing against time: summer is around the corner and you want a summer wedding! So much to do… so little time – and not a second to waste.

Your Destination Wedding Checklist

Remember that checklist you and your girlfriends prepared when you fell head over heels in love with your ‘one and only’? Right at the top of the list, you had the key words: sunny weather, beautiful beach resort, romantic setting, with only your nearest and dearest family and friends. Looking at the list and you can almost smell the sea and feel the warm breeze… Yes, it has to be a wedding abroad; a location that is picturesque and relaxing, and can double as a romantic honeymoon destination. A destination that will add a fun twist to the formal dimension of your marriage ceremony. The research exercise begins…

Cyprus and Greece are top summer weddings destinations

You go online, you ask your friends and colleagues, you visit a few travel agents. Considering travel time, connections, and language, you narrow the options down to Greece and Cyprus. And it’s only minutes before your family and friends are as excited as you are at the prospect of a combined wedding and holiday, along a sandy beach, where you can count on dry weather and sunny skies. Besides, everyone knows how romantic these destinations are, and how family-friendly and hospitable their people are! It’s a done deal – but where do we start?

First things first:, the indispensable tool for weddings abroad

Here’s the thing: you can’t really plan anything before your preferred wedding date and venue are booked and confirmed. From travel dates, to guest accommodation, catering, décor, entertainment, photography and transportation, you can’t order or finalize anything until the date, place and time are set. For a minute, you panic: how long is it going to take to choose the right venue, communicate with the operators and receive confirmation from abroad? Relax. Gone are the days when this procedure alone could take 6 to 8 weeks. has changed all of that. This platform lists all the wedding venues in Greece and Cyprus, with all the available time slots for your civil marriage ceremony. Basically, it’s a case of choose, click, confirm – done! Yes, the three-step system with instant confirmation has redefined the whole process of booking overseas weddings. At least for Greece and Cyprus, the long and slow process as we once knew it is now history. Now there is an easy way to book your wedding abroad

First, you view and choose the destination and location that match your needs and expectations. Then you enter the venue and check out the available dates and times for your wedding, over a three-week period. You book the day and the venue for the wedding ceremony – that’s it. An instant confirmation e-mail will be in your inbox within moments. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” as your mom used to say. No more endless phone calls or meetings or waiting 6 to 8 weeks just for a confirmation. It is all online and in real-time. Yes, dreams do come true, and in this case, is the friend that made it possible! You can already visualize it: you and your sweetheart, in a summer resort on a romantic island, pledging your love, then having a blast with everyone you love and cherish.

And now that you have a confirmed wedding date, venue and time, you can visit your travel agent and your wedding planner, and get the ball rolling. Because has given you an amazing gift for your wedding: additional time to dedicate to the fun and exciting preparations for a perfect wedding, just as you always dreamed it would be…  

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