D is for your dreamy exotic wedding in the Dominican Republic

Have you been dreaming of white-sand beaches, jaw-dropping ocean-views and magnificent landscapes of a tropical Caribbean destination as your big day’s backdrop? Say no more, the answer is the Dominican Republic!

Whether you’re interested in nature, culture, adventurous activities or just want to get a glimpse of the tropical experience, the Dominican Republic has something to offer to any traveller. With diverse landscapes and a summer vibe, this is the perfect choice for the couple who wants an exotic wedding abroad at a picture-perfect destination!

A true paradise on earth that you will never forget about, Dominican Republic is an idyllic wedding destination featuring romantic sceneries of uninterrupted blue ocean waters, breath-taking views and world-class resorts which can accommodate your special day’s celebrations at the most gorgeous settings.

Still not sure? Here are more reasons why you should choose the Dominican Republic for a complete wedding and holiday experience:


  1. Year-round sunny climate: here, it’s always summer! You can enjoy warm days with the sunlight beaming down on you.


  1. Gorgeous beaches: Wide white and sandy beaches lined by palm trees, caressing sun – all this is a picture of paradise, and you won’t want to return to reality.


  1. Numerous hotel chains and resorts: there is a variety of different hotels in the Dominican Republic for every audience and taste, focused in meeting international quality standards. The Dominican Republic is a popular destination of the Caribbean for all-inclusive resorts situated in jaw-dropping locations, offering world-class facilities.


  1. Flavourful cuisine and delicious local production: fresh fish and seafood, exotic fruits and the famous Dominican rum are only a few of the goodies of the Dominican cuisine which you can taste in this paradise destination.


  1. Vibrant nightlife: when it comes to partying, you won’t be disappointed! With a wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars, dance clubs and casinos, you can find amazing places for great entertainment. Most resorts also offer live music from local bands and magnificent shows which you can enjoy while sipping your cocktails and living the time of your lives!


  1. Whale watching: a unique experience for those who choose to visit the Dominican Republic, even in winter time. You can hire a boat and watch the whales from a safe distance while admiring the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.


There is no doubt that the Dominican Republic is a special place on earth! When it comes to choosing your big day’s destination, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less. A wedding in the Dominican Republic can be an unforgettable experience as it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your time there for a vacation or even your honeymoon! You get the best of both worlds!


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