6 Reasons to get married in Greece

Getting married in Greece is a blessing. So, if you are considering celebrating your wedding in the motherland of sun, sea and fun, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. 
To begin with, Greece comes with a bonus: Not only is it a great choice for your wedding, but it also serves as an amazing honeymoon destination. The only thing to bear in mind is that the logistics and organisation of a wedding abroad are not necessarily more difficult – just different. But with the right support, overseas weddings can be that much more romantic and utterly magical. In fact, the only real challenge is choosing, booking and confirming a venue that matches your dreams. And that is the core service, the raison d’etre, of
This unique platform allows you to browse and book your wedding ceremony venue and date online, with instant confirmation. As such, it saves you weeks of waiting and time spent on back-and-forth correspondence; time that you can now dedicate to actual and careful planning with your wedding planner or travel agent, to create a fairy tale wedding in the sun.
Once you have decided to get married abroad, the natural next question is where to go, and why. Well, here are six very persuasive reasons to get married in Greece.

1.  Variety of settings and surroundings

Greece is a beautiful country that has it all. It is famous for its islands and beaches, but is similarly blessed with impressive mountains, thick forests, live-giving rivers, and a vibrant capital. Here is a country with unlimited options that will satisfy all styles, preferences and budgets. captures this diversity and presents venues in various locations across the country. From sunbathing on a calm sugary beach in Crete and clubbing in Athens, to hiking in the mountains and along the rivers of the Peloponnese, Greece is a destination for all tastes – and you are sure to find a wedding venue that matches your personality and preferences. 

2.  Charming Greek tradition and hospitality

Everyone is familiar with Greek hospitality and traditions. The locals are warm, welcoming and always eager to help. They have stories to tell and are generous with their local wisdom, whether related to food, places of interest or historical events. 
The Greeks are also known to nurture traditions and share them with visitors. In fact, weddings are inseparable from a host of traditions, many of which will put a smile on your face. Picture these:

- A few days before the wedding, all the couple’s friends and relatives gather at their home. In turn, a single man will rumple the couple’s bed, and a single lady will make it again. This process is repeated several times until the groom-to-be is pleased with the outcome and ‘approves’ the look of the bed. At that point, all the guests throw rice and money on the bed.

- On her wedding day, and before putting on her shoes, the bride writes all the names of her single girlfriends on the soles of her shoes. The girls whose names are erased from the soles on that day will get married before the others (a ‘group’ alternative to catching the bridal bouquet!).

- Music and dance are indispensible. On some Greek islands the bride is accompanied by musicians playing traditional wedding songs as she walks down the street to meet the groom. 

These are just a few examples of the many traditions that will season your wedding experience in Greece and create unique memories of special moments that will be engraved in your heart. 

3. Great food!

Mediterranean food is healthy. Greek food is healthy and delicious, making Greece nothing short of a popular gastronomical destination. Local caterers can suggest a menu with Greek as well as international recipes that will appeal to you and your guests. From the most traditional to contemporary and creative Greek cuisine, the options are endless. 
Across the country, fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant. Meat and fish are also very tasty and always local. Do not hesitate to add the traditional Greek salad, mousaka and other dishes to your wedding menu – you will be delighted. Local sweets and pastry also come highly recommended, so to complete the culinary excursion, make sure to try the creamy ‘galaktompoureko’ and the moist ‘samali’, or the crispy ‘amygdaloto’ and the local ice cream, ‘kaimaki’.

4.  Island hopping and sailing fun

In Greece you can enjoy all the sun and fun of island hopping or sailing, either before or after your wedding day. Most of the Greek Islands are in clusters close to each other, so you can enjoy different beaches and locations in a single trip. If you enjoy sailing yourself, you can add a touch of adventure to your wedding trip and explore hidden and secluded coves and beaches, the real gems of the Greek Islands, which are often only accessible by boat.

5.  World-famous sights, culture, entertainment

Greece is a cultural paradise, the home of world-famous ancient historical heritage. Wherever you choose to get married, you’re never far from amazing places of interest that offer you so much to see and learn. Archaeological sites, temples and monuments are everywhere. The prime examples are the Acropolis in Athens, the Minoan Palace in Crete, the Mycenae and Olympia in the Peloponnese. 

6. Instant confirmation of the wedding date and venue

Last but not least is the simple yet invaluable fact that you can get confirmation of your chosen wedding date and venue in Greece, in an instant. Obviously, waiting for a confirmation of this sort for weeks can be disruptive; but allows you to overcome this obstacle. Visit the platform, find and choose the venue you desire, and book the date online. Once you have entered all your details, you will receive a confirmation email with your booking code. It is just as fast and easy as booking a flight – thanks to, which has significantly simplified the process of planning a wedding in Greece. With this tool you can now focus on the exciting aspect of organizing your wedding and your honeymoon, carefree and at your own pace. 

There’s not doubt about it: Greece is a destination for all tastes and budgets, for the wedding couple and their guests. The perks of an all-in-one wedding and honeymoon destination are plenty – apart from the sheer magic of a sunny, unique and memorable wedding experience. Ask around and everyone will tell you that Greek summers are awesome and the hospitality services are impeccable. So… go to, book the venue you always dreamed of, receive instant confirmation, and let the wedding planning begin.


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