6 Reasons to get married in Cyprus

A couple planning to get married in Cyprus will find a lot of perks. This is an island of pristine beauty, with long coastlines, golden beaches and the best Mediterranean climate. It is a great choice not only for your wedding day but also for your honeymoon. Through the innovative platform of the couple will have the chance to browse check the availability of hundreds of venues at the most famous and luxurious places of Cyprus. At the same moment they have the ability to book their wedding venue and date and receive an instant confirmation. So, they will save precious time in order to organize all the details with their wedding planner and travel agent.

Getting married abroad is an important decision to make and below we give you at least six reasons to make that choice and get married in Cyprus.

1.Sunshine all year round

This island is literally blessed by the sun. Even in the middle of winter with just a few cold days there is sunshine. Cyprus has 326 days of sun throughout the year. You can have a summer wedding almost any season. The sea is crystal clear but if you are not an avid swimmer, you can you can always go sun-bathing all year round.  Warm sunny days and a good tan is all you need to get your mood up for your wedding day.


2.It is the island of love

Cyprus is the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite. According to ancient Greek mythology, she arose from the sea foam and became the goddess of love. What can be more tender than getting married at the place where the most ancient and famous representative of love was born? You can visit Aphrodite’s Rock or the Baths of Aphrodite while you stay in Cyprus and enhance the romance and passion of your wedding days and honeymoon.


3.Amazing tourism infrastructure and great hospitality services

Tourism is the leading industry of the country that brings in a lot of investments and income to the state. Hence, Cyprus has made its best efforts to improve and optimize all facilities and infrastructures for the tourists. From the Limassol Marina, to new and renovated resorts, Cyprus has a lot to offer to the guests visiting this beautiful island. The last few years it has seen a large growth in tourism. In 2015, almost 2.7 million tourists visited the country. You can’t go wrong here, the Cypriots are not only hospitable by nature, they are also trained in tourism and provide great service to their guests. 


4. It is a hype

UK residents are well aware of the fact that Cyprus is a not only a beautiful country to visit it is also welcoming and organized. For that matter, it has become a hype. Visiting the island and getting married here is very trendy. More than 1 million UK citizens visited Cyprus in 2015 and 5.000 civil weddings took place (relative report). The projections for the coming years display that the numbers are growing, more and more people discover the beauty of getting married in Cyprus.



5. It is easy to get here

You don’t need a visa, if you are an EU citizen all you need to travel is your ID or your passport. There is an abundance of choices regarding the flights. Legacy and low cost carriers will take you to the two airports of Cyprus in Pafos and Larnaca. But depending on the season you are travelling and where you are coming from you can find charter flights as well.


6. Instant confirmation of the wedding date and venue

Last but not least, is the instant confirmation of your wedding date and venue in Cyprus. There is no doubt that waiting for a confirmation of this sort for weeks can be hectic. gives you the opportunity to overcome this boundary. Visit the platform, find the venue you desire and book the date online. Once you have entered all your details, you shall receive a confirmation email with your booking code. It is just as fast and easy as booking a flight. The procedure of preparing your wedding in Cyprus has been simplified. With this tool you have the chance to organize your wedding and your honeymoon at your own pace, carefree.


These are just a few reasons to visit and get married in Cyprus. We assure you that the process has become easy and fast, now that has taken care of the wedding venue and date instant confirmation. It is a decision you will not regret, this awesome island awaits to host you and your wedding!


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