4 Reasons To Get Married in Kos

Kos is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Greece.  Many couples decide to get married in Kos due to its unique blending of luxury, fun, diverse activities, magnificent landscape and immaculate coastline. offers you the opportunity to browse, check real time availability and book the desired venue to start your new life.  We present to you the  4 main reasons to choose Kos as your wedding destination:

1. High Level of Tourism Infrastructure

Kos  excels in tourism infrastructure making it a very popular destination among the Brits for holiday and wedding purposes. You may access the island by plane, as the beautiful and modern airport receives arrivals from various UK airports and other European cities. There are numerous ferry routes connecting Kos with Pireaus Port and other islands. Upon  your arrival to the island you can rent a car, use a taxi or a local bus to get around and explore.

With tourism being the leading industry in Kos, the island has evolved greatly and offers a variety of hotels and resorts you can choose from to wed and experience a comfortable stay. Additionally, restaurants and bars are found all over the island. Nightlife in Kos is diverse and vibrant, since there are clubs and bars for all music tastes and entertainment styles. Enjoy a pre-wedding party or even an alternative bachelor and hen party, at the busy cobblestone alleys of the city of Kos or Kardamena town.

With respect to the needs and the comfort of the guests and tourists, the island’s tourism infrastructure improves every season. You will find here all the professionals related to the destination wedding industry. From wedding planners to photographers and wedding cake specialists, they are all here to help you organize your special day, so worry not!

2. Activities

In regards to holiday activities you prefer to engage yourself with, Kos provides a wide list of choices. If you are the type of couple, that bonds with adventure, then you are at the right place. Start with boat tours and explore the island and its magnificent beaches and hidden coves. Enrich your journey with scuba or snorkeling activities. Discover the pristine sea bottom and meet the underwater life of the island, whether you are a professional diver or not. If you are a sea lover, activities like surfing, windsurfing, SUP or other water sports are available at most parts of the island, so you don’t miss out on the fun. For family and large group friendly activities, try visiting one of the two waterparks located on the island. For the terrestrial kind of people, there are options like trail riding and horseback riding. Last but not least, an activity ideal for everyone, is a visit to the Kos Natural Park. This island is blessed with luscious green valleys and a diverse nature, so get in touch with it at the most adequate place.

On the other hand if you are a couple with cultural and spiritual interests or laid back, beach ‘n sunbed kind of people, keep on reading because Kos has it all!

3. Historical Sites

The sacred ruins of Asklipeio that are still standing on the eastern side of the island were  a temple dedicated to the God Asclepius, where people went to be healed by illnesses. The one on Kos, is the most popular temple dedicated to the ancient God of Medicine. In this particular temple, patients were treated using scientific methods invented by Hippocretes and not by the divine hand of Asklipios. He is the most important historical figure of Kos. He is considered the “Father of early medicine” and contributed a great deal in officializing the Medical vocation and founded his school of medical practices, creating a sanctuary for the sick. People from all over Greece travelled to visit him and undergo his treatments. To this day, doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath in respect to that influencing figure. In the city of Kos, the Hippocrates Plane Tree, is still standing tall, close to the ancient Agora. It is considered the actual site where Hippocrates taught his student.

This island is of a significant historical importance and that can be demonstrated by the numerous historical sites, from the 3rd century Roman House (Casa Romana) and the Roman Odeon to the Altar of God Dionysos, the Western Archaeological Sites and the Neratzia Castle. Visit the Archaeological Museum, where the findings of all excavations are being exhibited.  Moving from one era to the next, you can see Kos’ history unfold before your eyes.

4. Beaches

Kos is an island gifted by nature with stunning beaches. Wherever you choose to stay on the island, there is a beach nearby to amaze you. The options are countless, and here are the top 10:

- Kardamena Beach

This is a well organized sandy beach at the South of the island. The water is crystal clear and not too deep, making it perfect for everyone. Especially for those of you getting married and continuing your journey with your family and children.

- Mastichari

Moving across the other side of Kardamena, you find Mastichari Beach. Turquoise blue sea, and a long strand with trees constitute the perfect exotic environment. The beach is pretty long and parts of it are very organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and watersport facilities.

- Kefalos

At the Southern part of the island you will find one of the most popular beaches, Kefalos Beach. A long sea-shore of soft sand, surrounded by nature’s greens, and the coolest sea of the island are its main features. The small and picturesque Kastri island across the beach, makes it even more alluring, since it matches the scenery ideally with its beautiful whitewashed church. The beach is very organized, providing watersports and other activities.

- Paradise

This beach earned its name for a reason. One of the most famous beaches on Kos, is called Paradise or Bubble Beach. The former name came from the ideal setting, white sand, emerald blue-green water, pine cone trees, sunbeds and umbrellas, watersports and beach bars. The later was given, because of the bubbles coming from the sea bottom. They are caused by the volcano in Nisyros. Warm bubbles in the cool waters of Paradise beach are a very interesting, natural phenomenon you can enjoy.

- Tigaki

Yet another very long sealine of soft sand and crystal clear sea. The trees are almost touching the water and offer natural shade during the warm summer days. However, parts of the beach are extremely well organized, so you don’t have to bring anything with you apart from your good mood and a beach towel. Tigaki is located at the Northern part of the island between Marmari and Lambi beach.

- Lambi

Lambi beach is another beautiful, fully organized beach. It is very close to the city of Kos, so close that you can walk to the city, do your shopping and return for some cool sips at the beach bars, or watersport activities.


This beach is endless, located at the Northern part of the island. The water is clear, not too deep, the sand is golden and you can choose between the organized part and the sunbed-umbrella free part. It is a perfect place for large groups and families.

- Kamari

This beach is characterized by the unique landscape. Big cliffs rise from the sea, coving the beach. The setting is wild, but the sand is still soft, the water is cool and clear and the 5km beach is well organized with all the necessary amenities.

- Limnionas

This quiet beach is protected by the winds due to its natural location. It is organized but only with basic amenities, sunbeds, umbrellas and a tavern. This place is perfect for those of you wishing to get away and relax at a less crowded beach.

- Thermes

Last but not least, is the most extraordinary beach on Kos island. The scenery on Thermes Beach reminds a lunar landscape. Grey-White rocks and cliffs are the main features. But the water here has a unique characteristic. It comes from a hot spring that sprouts warm and healing water, which you can enjoy for no more than 20-30 minutes each time. This beach is not organized, but its uniqueness makes it astounding. Visit it and rejuvenate yourself.

The main problem for many wedding couples that choose to get married in Greece was that they had to wait for weeks before receiving a confirmation of their wedding date and venue. solved this problem by providing you not only with instant confirmation of the wedding date at the preferred venue but also by giving you all the information you need for the chosen wedding destination. Take the decision and tie the knot on majestic Kos.

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