10 things to consider when planning a wedding abroad with children

Traveling with children can sometimes be challenging. Organizing a wedding abroad with children might seem like a lot of trouble. However, if you follow a few tips and condsider the following ten hints provides you with, it is a lot easier and fun.

  1. Resort with kids activities or a kids club

Try to find a resort or wedding venue that offers children’s activities. It is important to keep your little guests happy and occupied with interesting tasks. A lot of resorts, hotels and venues will offer you a range of choices. While you celebrate and socialize during your wedding, the little ones are engaged in doing something creative.

  1. Consider the weather

When you are planning your destination wedding, consider the weather conditions of the location you are choosing. The weather should be ideal for them so that they can play outside and maybe enjoy a swim. Cyprus and Greece serve as ideal destinations, considering the Mediterranean climate.

  1. Consider the safety of the children 

The safety of your own and your guests’ children is number one. Book a hotel and a wedding venue that is safe and provides all necessary amenities. Let them know you are coming with children and make sure they provide you with cots, sheets and laundry services, so you keep the little fellows clean and safe.

  1. Night swim

A wedding might last long hours from the ceremony to the reception so toddlers and babies might get bored. If you are getting married on the beach or by the beach, consider a night swim. It will add a lot of fun and they will have something very interesting and unique to look forward to.

  1. Plan in advance

Planning in advance is crucial. By using, you get instant confirmation of the wedding date at the venue of your choice. Hence, you have a lot of time to plan ahead for all things necessary. If your children will remain with you throughout the whole journey, from wedding to honeymoon, you have plenty of months to do all the research you need in order to feel safe that everything will be taken care of and everyone has the fun they deserve.

  1. Time and tantrums

Children experience tantrums. That’s a fact. Holidays and weddings are no exception. Make sure you choose the right time of the day to relax. Give the children enough time to rest well before the reception, in order to avoid any tantrums due to tiresome and boredom. If they have slept well before the wedding, it is very likely that they will be well-behaved and enjoy your big day.

  1. The wedding reception

Plan the wedding reception wisely and make it as child-friendly as possible. Request baby chairs if needed, children`s plates, forks and glasses. Consider employing the grandparents, relatives or close friends that children feel comfortable with to cater for them for a little while. In the case that you are travelling with a lot of kids you can form a group and look after them in rotation. It would be advisable to have the wedding reception at the hotel you are staying or getting married at, so that they can have the opportunity to sleep if they are too tired, with the supervision of an adult of course (who might perhaps be tired too :) ). Keep in mind that for the wedding reception, you need to make sure you have enough space for children where they can run and play.

  1. Engage them in the wedding

When children are given age-appropriate responsibilities, they tend to act more like adults. That means they feel important and involved in what is happening and try their best to succeed at the given task. Try to give each child a task. The little ones can be flower girls, the little boys can be ring bearers. The older ones can escort each guest to their seat during the reception or give out flowers or even arrange the tables for the reception. It would be interesting for them to engage in creative activities. Let them make you something all together, maybe a painting (with watercolors) or a souvenir from the beach. The best idea is to tell them to come up with a dance routine, so that they can feel that they are truly a part of the wedding reception.

  1. Family friendly destinations

For a destination wedding with children, keep in mind to look for family friendly locations. Cyprus and Greece are absolutely safe and family friendly destinations. Both cultures take the issue of family and children safety very seriously, for that matter you will find everything you need at these destinations. Activities, resorts, venues, babysitters will be made available to you if you make a little research beforehand. Safety, as discussed earlier, is very important and both destinations are considered safe for travelling with children.

  1. Consider honeymoon with children

A honeymoon might be something you would like to enjoy alone as a couple. However, a lot of couples prefer to have their children with them after the wedding to enjoy beautiful family holidays. If you are one of those couples, it is most certain that this journey will be memorable and exciting as it combines both a special moment for the parents and a unique time for family bonding. On the other hand, you can enjoy a private honeymoon and return the following year with your offsprings to create even more beautiful memories.

If you plan to have your wedding abroad and do your research to find what fits your needs best, a destination wedding with children will definitely be a “piece of cake”. and its team are always at your disposal for advice and assistance with a 24/7 chat service support.

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