Ktima Vasiliou

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Ktima Vasiliou is a special civil wedding venue in beautiful Nafplio. Nafplio is one of the Greeceā€™s prettiest and most romantic towns. The great history, the particular architecture and the natural beauty of the place make it different from the other places of Greece.

Ceremony venue

The warm family environment of Ktima Vasiliou in nature will make your wedding date so special to you. Built in all specifications and decorated with care and elegance, it will give your reception comfort, luxury and cozy atmosphere.

Banqueting venue

Our company provides you with full wedding services, offering all of them that are necessary for a wedding in Nafplio, Greece. Leave everything to us to make your wedding day, a day that you and all of your guests will remember.

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  • If your travel agent makes the booking, the venue fee may be included in your package.
  • If you book online yourself, contact the hotel/venue as soon as you receive your booking confirmation to settle the required venue fee. For information related to the venue fee/Terms & Conditions and Wedding Packages please click here.