Traditional House

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at Traditional House
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This is a unique traditional house which is set in the old center of Paralimni. 


For more information contact us at Please advice arrival date so as to send you back your registration date in our office (for paperwork & Town Hall fees payment). 

Ceremony venue


This is a unique traditional house which is set in the old center of Paralimni. The house was constructed in the 19th century and has been lovingly restored to its former glory.  Its beautiful court yard dominated by the traditional Cypriot arches and the colorful local flowers in bloom make this place an ideal option for those who prefer the Cypriot culture to be the backdrop for their wedding.

There are conveniences available for all and the grounds are disabled friendly.  We offer 30 traditional chairs  for your guests.

The Municipality of Paralimni will be honored to offer you this local traditional house for your dream day to take place.

Important note: 

Additional Fee: €70.00

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