Agia Eleni Beach Bar Skiathos

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at Agia Eleni Beach Bar Skiathos
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The nice sandy beach of Agia Eleni (St. Helen) is situated at the western coast of the island, at a distance of some 14 kilometers western to the town of Skiathos and one kilometer western to Koukounaries. The beach owes its name to the synonymous small church, whose white color goes very well along with the blue of the sea, the green of the trees and the golden sand.

The beach of Agia Eleni is very clean, the golden sand is ideal for sunbathing and the landscape is wonderful and quite exotic. Another pro of this beach is that it is situated to the very west. The sun shines here until late in the afternoon when it becomes a red disc which sinks slowly in the horizon line. In June and July, the area retains the daylight until early in the evening. 

Ceremony venue


The wedding ceremony is taking place right next to the blue waters of the beach and at the area of the refreshment point.

Banqueting venue

The aforementioned venues can be used as reception venues as well. 

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