Atlantica Sea Breeze

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    All inclusive Car rental Fitness centre Free WiFi Spa and wellness centre

Set within a peaceful location on the South East coast of Cyprus and with a beachfront spot, it's well maintained gardens create the perfect area to soak up the Mediterranean sun. This hotel is exclusive to adults, creating a relaxing environment that is made even more perfect by combining the top food and drink on offer.

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With the blue seas on your doorstep with perfect temperatures why not make the most out of them on your special day. 

Our personalised service will ensure your day is treated with care from the minute you make your first contact with us right through until you're celebrating the moment you tied the knot. If you are not sure what to expect from your wedding day or have everything sorted in your diary, your dedicated wedding planner can offer recommendations or simply put all of your plans in to practice. We pride ourselves in a dedicated and professional expert service offering one wedding per day, leaving you relaxed to enjoy your special moment.

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