Vardiola Taverna Zante

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at Vardiola Taverna Zante
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    Kipseli, Zante Find us on the map
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    Beach bar Garden Restaurant (à la carte)

Near the Pachia Ammos beach, at the village of Kipseli lies a remnant of the Venetian vardiola. 
Just 100 meters away, and with a view to the Ionian sea lies the ''Vardiola tsi Kipselis'' since 2000, built with natural materials, frrom stone and wood, exclusively designed from its owner in the colors of the sea and the sky. 
Your wedding at Vardiola will be a momerable event to remember for a lifetime.

Ceremony venue


Decorated Gazebo right next to the beach.


Near the Pachia Ammos beach , lies a remnant of the Venetian vardiola. Your wedding can ve hosted outside admiring the beautiful views of the beach.

Banqueting venue

The aforementioned venues can be used as reception venues as well. 

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