Oceanids Estate Santorini

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Oceanids Estate is a unique wedding venue in Santorini that opened its doors in the summer of 2013. Originally a tomato canning factory built in 1937, it was made of the famous volcanic rock of the island. A land where time, nature and the human passion joined forces, maintaining the tradition and history of this ancient place.

The venue has been renovated to a very high standard, yet still retains its old style and features. Oceanids Estate is easily accessible, just a two minute drive from Kamari, a popular seaside resort on the east side of the island, and three minutes away from the airport.

Ideal for both your wedding ceremony and your reception, this seafront venue has been designed especially to cater for these events. Located literally on the beach, Oceanids provides complete privacy for you and your guests, while you still enjoy a magnificent view of the Aegean.

Oceanids is the only venue in Santorini where the wedding party lasts all night long. The fact that it is located in a non-residential area allows for a party that can last for as long as your guests desire, with no limits whatsoever to the volume of the music, the duration of your reception or the fun.

Ceremony venue


A venue right on the beach. Beach ceremony is best for laid-back couples who love a little adventure. It is a natural choice for your wedding, that you will never be forgotten, either having a relax/intimate, a classy and elegant or a full celebrity-style wedding.

Warm sea breezes, accompanied by sand, the deep blue Aegean sea, blue sky and the water crashing at your feet!

If you have your heart set on a beach wedding.


Rental fee for 2017, is 2.700,00 euro (rental fee for upcoming years might change) and includes the follow services:

  • VAT 24% and all taxes - price is subject to changes in case of increase of VAT.
  • Dj service for 5 hours, consecutive. Kindly note that each additional hour costs 90,00 euro or you may use your own laptop/i-pod to continue. You can bring your own abroad Dj. This will not affect/reduce the price.
  • A strong audio system – enough to cover up to 150 guests – please check here to watch our basic equipment.
  • Full party lighting – moving heads and LED pars – please check here to watch our basic equipment.
  • 100% exclusive and private use of the entire estate – indoor and outdoor
  • Venue availability: from noon at 14:00 (or earlier if necessary) up to next morning at 08:00. Music is non-stop. Party all night!
  • Free of charge use of our beach for your ceremony, following by the reception.
  • 8 luxury toilets and 1 for people with disabilities.
  • WC cleaning service for the night
  • Staff – waiters and bartenders, always according to the size of your group.
  • White piano available for your ceremony or during dinner
  • Venue décor:

           Vases/lanterns with candles – floor decor

           Vintage stylish salon next to the sea

           Stoned couches with decoration

  • A fireworks fountains’ show for your entrance
  • 3 free parking areas with not an additional fee
  • The most important and strongest Oceanids’ advantage, is that the intensity of music does not decrease and the party can be continue until the sunrise, the next morning of the event. We can offer an All-Night party!
  • Our key strengths, are that apart from the owners of Oceanids estate, we reserve since 2004 a wedding planning company and an audio/visual/lighting & Special Effects Company ( Creating combined packages with all of our companies, can be ensured even bigger success for your event. A lifetime experience!
  • In our competitive rental fee we have included a strong audio system and a full party lighting set as basic facilities.
  • Lease duration and venue's preparation: “Oceanids” is available from 14:00 p.m. (or earlier if necessary), for a wedding in the early hours or a demanding decoration setup.
  • Oceanids is not a hotel, a bar or a restaurant. It is a wedding venue, having a great flexibility in configuration space and can be configured exactly as you desire, whatever the theme of your wedding will be.
  • Literally next to the sea, without road/paths in between, we can guarantee 100% privacy during the event, enjoying the direct contact with the deep blue of Aegean Sea.
  • Because of our privacy, we can create for you spectacular fireworks shows on the sky or through the sea.
  • Sunrise and fool moon, start through Oceanids courtyard! Full moon, is directly over the venue, creating the most magical atmosphere.
  • All months of operation, “Oceanids” maintains the same rental fee without any increase in high season months.

Banqueting venue

The aforementioned venues can be used as reception venues as well. 

How are venue fees settled when booking via

  • If your travel agent makes the booking, the venue fee may be included in your package.
  • If you book online yourself, contact the hotel/venue as soon as you receive your booking confirmation to settle the required venue fee.